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Born in Saigon during the Vietnam War, Minh Vo faced his own battle for life. From the moment of birth he fought severe pneumonia and illness near the point of death, until the universe decided to lend a hand and gave back a life that was meant to help others. Immigrating with his family from Vietnam after the war, they found a new home and a new start in the U.S. Minh Vo studied diligently to learn about the different ways of helping people heal, both mentally and physically. In his own journey towards physical, mental and spiritual advancement, Minh Vo was able to discover truths about healing the body through broadening his personal consciousness.

Today, Dr. Vo uses his knowledge to help many of his patients using chiropractic and energy healing. Using an alternative integrated medicine approach in his clinic, Dr. Vo follows the principal that the human body was created to heal itself naturally, that pain and dis-ease are more than clinical definitions, that they may have a root cause originating from mental states of stress beyond physical explanation. Exploring this principal Dr. Vo has shown many of his patients how to let go of their pain and suffering by releasing emotional anchors from their past that hinder a person both physically as well as spiritually.

He understands his purpose as sharing this knowledge to accelerate humanity’s spiritual evolution. Through Dr. Vo’s work, enlightenment, knowing and experiencing the greatness of who you really are, becomes achievable within your life time. Roadmap to Enlightenment – A Guidebook to Finding Your True Self provides a clear explanation of the development of human and spiritual states of consciousness that we all experience on the path of finding the truth of our existence.


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