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Consciousness Meditation


There is a reason why you have thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are a reflection of your current level of consciousness (LOC). Your thoughts and emotions are teaching where you are focusing and attaching your energies. This allows you to be aware of where your present LOC resides, what you may need to address or resolve within yourself in order to learn love or acceptance, as well as allowing the choice for you to choose to redirect your energy and if possible learn from and detach from your current life lesson.

Conventional meditation teaches us to reject our thoughts, reject our emotions, reject our Ego. For most people it is hard to achieve these things in order to learn and achieve compassion, unconditional love, acceptance, all different levels of Enlightenment with a meditation that is based upon a model of rejection. Rejection does not constitute being unconditional or whole, hence most people have a hard time with conventional meditation practices.

Your thoughts and emotions is your spiritual energy at your current LOC. Learning to understand the information of your spirit at your present consciousness allows you to learn and master your current LOC so that you can advance to the next level of understanding. Hence you learn from the Master that knows you best – your Spirit.


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