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This course will be suitable for those new to meditation as well as those who already have some background. We will learn several basic meditation techniques and apply them to working directly with emotional experience in order to advance to intermediate consciousness meditation. This will be of benefit for those who want to reduce stress, deal with difficult emotional circumstances or merely live a more exuberant life.

Intro. Consciousness Meditation:

Sit in a comfortable chair or meditation cushion. Preferred sitting style (see image above). With your eyes closed visualize yourself as a holographic image. Next visualize the 7 chakras and place them in their appropriate location within the body. Then state the Consciousness Meditation mantra once before starting meditation – see below.


“I allow myself to receive my highest spiritual potential unconditionally, effortlessly, and abundantly. And allow it to manifest and exist in this physical life and this physical body.”
Now picture a glowing white ball starting at the root chakra and begin to raise it through each chakra body ascending upwards through the crown. If it goes past the crown, then allow it to keep going straight upwards into the sky, and if possible, into to space. When the ball becomes hard for you to maintain its visualization or if the ball begins to veer left or right instead of continuing upwards in a straight line, stop there and observe your thoughts and emotions at that level.


If you have a hard time visualizing the glowing white ball at the root chakra, then focus your mind on your breath. As you breathe in, imagine your breath filling the ball full of white energy at the root chakra. Once you are able to maintain a solid white ball of energy at the root chakra then proceed to raise the ball upward.
Along the way you develop your psychic abilities, communicate with your spiritual guides, while balancing your own energies within your spiritual body. Your spirit will attune as it learns to hold higher vibrations that allows for acceleration in your own spiritual growth. As you learn to raise your spiritual energy you learn to tune into and tap into your celestial consciousness. Then you will be able to begin intermediate Consciousness Meditation.


If you are practicing Consciousness Meditation, DO NOT stray from the outlined exercise or add variations to what is instructed. Straying from the given exercise can affect your spiritual energies, your spiritual acceleration, and your results that can activate unnecessary karmic lessons. This is a powerful meditation that goes beyond the consciousness of the human existence so therefore it will affect your life immediately as well as your perceptions, your life experiences, and accelerate your own comprehension and understanding of you, your spirit, and your connection to your spirit.

I wish you well with Consciousness Meditation and taking another step within the spiritual evolution of your consciousness development. If you feel you need direct assistance, I offer private sessions to new and continuing students, spiritual coaching for intermediate/advance students, as well as energy work. Spiritual coaching is usually not necessary till you have reached the intermediate/advance stage of the Consciousness Meditation.


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